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Our job is to balance the dream of what your home can be with the practicalities of making it come true, which means we give you realistic budgets early on before designing details that might have to be discarded later due to cost. The feasibility of every project, whether humble or luxe, hinges on budget, and we want to make sure you are getting the house you want for the resources you have. To that end, we guide you through a two-phase process that aligns the scope and budget early on.

Concept & Feasibility Study

Before we get too distracted with the enjoyment of fully realizing your home’s design, we define the parameters of the project to develop a detailed budget that allows us, and you, to move into the design-build phase with confidence. No crossed fingers.


With the anxiety of knowing whether the project is feasible behind us, we can fully enjoy the fun part of designing your home. In this phase we further develop the initial concept, blending aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and constructability. Because we are both designer and contractor, we think about how your home will be built while we design, and we are thoughtful about how it looks while we build. By overlapping the design and building processes, we are able to anticipate problems early and address them quickly and thoroughly.

The built-in efficiency of being a design-build team also means we are accountable to all aspects of the process, and will be there making sure the construction aligns with the design intent right up until we remove the last bit of dust and hand your keys back. Working with us gives you a single point of responsibility and a more controlled process. One team, one trusted relationship throughout.

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Design Approach

We believe there is beauty in pragmatism. That form really does follow function. And that old homes injected with modern energy brilliantly support a 21st-century lifestyle. Using a modernist lens, we create a dynamic dialogue between the history of your house and your family’s life today. Whether designing a remodel or new home, our goal is to create a modern living space without losing the warmth and richness that a connection to the past provides.


Energy efficiency. Green building. Sustainable design. Over the past couple of decades, these terms have gone from buzzwords to the blueprint for how our industry must move forward. We fully embrace our responsibility to sustainability as construction-industry professionals, because homes are large contributors to climate change. Fortunately, as both architects and builders, we have control over actually implementing green design, not just drawing up ideas.

We see our role as guiding you through sustainability conversations and along that path in a way that works for both your project and the environment.


We embrace technology as integral to our daily operations and critical to delivering exceptional service to our clients. If you’re not that concerned with the specifics, rest assured that we use apps that create efficiencies, help ensure accuracy, enhance communication, and smooth the process for both you and us.

If you like to delve into the details, here you go… We use project-management software you have access to that houses all your project documents, contracts, and both design and construction project schedules. You can view weekly digests of your project and progress photos, and can even see and pay invoices online. When we need your John Hancock, we use one-click contract and change-order digital signing.

Our design software allows us to virtually build your house in 3D, helping you visualize what your spaces will look like and helping us create more accurate cost estimates. During construction, before we close up the walls, we can take 3D photos that create a virtual walk-through of the bones of your house. No more wondering where the studs, plumbing, electrical, ducts, and anything else in the walls actually are.