Team Member ProfileFebruary 7, 2023

Meet Camila Williams, Design Studio Manager and Lead Designer

Our latest profile introducing the people of AT6 features Design Studio Manager and Lead Designer Camila Williams. A designer whose vision always includes how her clients will live in the spaces she imagines, Camila imbues her work with a beautiful combination of creativity and humanity.
Camila with her husband hiking in woods

Beach in Brazil

Brazilian Beginnings

Camila grew up in Brazil, a “super-creative kid” who was also an accomplished ballerina until a knee injury stopped her short of becoming a professional. A drive to always draw and paint was tempered with the reality that in Brazil, there is an expectation of pursuing more traditional careers such as doctor or lawyer. It was a chance encounter with some floorplans and a construction site that started to tilt things in a different direction.

Camila on vacation in foreign country

Seeds of a Future Career

“I first looked at floorplans when my mom bought a house. I went to the job site while it was being built, and something deep inside started to click—maybe this is something I’d really enjoy,” she remembers. But it wasn’t until her first year in college, where she was majoring in law, that she decided to switch her major and her future to architecture.

The confirmation that this was the right choice came during an internship in college, when she saw her drawings turn into a three-dimensional space. “Some of the details I was working on became a real thing inside someone’s house. That was the click of ‘I’m on the right path.’”

An Integral Part of our Integrated Design-Build Team

Camila joined AT6 almost seven years ago, and has never looked back. She loves working with both the design and construction teams on a daily basis, under one roof. She has also never lost that awe in seeing projects move from drawing to built environment.

“Camila is one of the most genuine, warm people I have ever worked with. She is organized and process-oriented, while still bringing a sense of curiosity and creativity to each project.”

Talking about her work today, she says, “The thing I love the most is seeing a concept come out of the paper and turn into something tangible. Thinking about things in plan and elevation, and a few months later you’re inside the space, touching and looking at all the things that were one day just concepts. I also love seeing the way people experience a space—when we shape an idea and meet the client’s needs, and they get to live in that space.”

Camila’s thoughtfulness permeates everything in our workdays at AT6. As one of our staff says, “Camila is one of the most genuine, warm people I have ever worked with. She is organized and process-oriented, while still bringing a sense of curiosity and creativity to each project. Camila has a calm and grounded approach to design. She asks the right questions and is fluid in her process.”

Camila with her baby having breakfast

It’s Not All About Work—Breakfast is Key, Too

While Camila loves design and creating spaces for people, her mind is never far from breakfast. Going out for the first meal of the day fuels both body and soul, and she is always on the hunt for incredible French toast. She speaks three languages, but wishes there was time to learn more. Outdoors she hikes and spends time at the park with her daughter; indoors she almost always has a book. And anywhere she goes, she finds something to be curious about.

Camila with her husband and baby in a park



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