Team Member ProfileJuly 22, 2022

Meet Johanna Cutlip, our Office Manager

AT6 isn’t just a business—it’s a group of amazing people who work together to make our clients’ lives better. And we’d love for you to meet them here. For our first profile, we’re featuring our Director of Fun, Johanna.
Office Manager Johanna working on farm

Office Manager - Johanna


Where do we start with talking about Johanna? She keeps AT6 running smoothly as our office manager with her amazing organizational and technical skills, but she also brings a happy energy to our work lives and has a surprise creativity you might never know about unless you asked—or worked with us. We fortunately get to see it every day through imaginative touches she brings to everything from staff lunches to team events to gift-giving.


Johanna with chicken and wine


Johanna came to AT6 with experience at a previous design-build firm, so she knew the ins and outs of this business. The long client relationship that design-build allows is particularly enjoyable for her, and she loves watching projects develop. She is a trusted liaison for clients on all the financial and organizational aspects of their projects.

When asked what she likes about working at AT6, her thoughts are pretty clear. “I love the people. Everybody is extremely talented and so kind. It’s a very supportive group, and you’re given room to explore different areas of your work. Working here is just fantastic.”

Outside work, Johanna has an interesting story, and food is a central theme. She is a cook, and deeply invested in food and wine. She has owned a catering company, been a sommelier, and taught food preservation—canning, freezing, dehydrating—at the UC Davis Agriculture Extension program. She loves to plan events and take random craft classes. Not your typical office manager profile, and we love that.

We’re so fortunate to have Johanna on the team. Next time you chat with her, ask her something about food! You might just learn something new.

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